How do I complain?

Your complaint can be made in writing, in person or by telephone. We will need the full details of your complaint and you will be asked to complete a simple complaints form. When making the complaint you should be clear about what you feel has gone wrong and what you would like the Gibsons to do to put things right.

How will the complaint be dealt with?

You can informally discuss the problem with the member of staff who dealt with your initial complaint. If you wish to make a formal complaint you will receive an acknowledgement within 5 working days of registering your grievance. A full response will be provided after an investigation has been made into the complaint within a further 15 working days.

Can the complaint be anonymous?

Whenever possible and appropriate, we will investigate any anonymous complaints. However, as you will appreciate it will be easier to attempt to mediate and reach a solution if we are able to discuss the problem in detail with the person who has a grievance. We will at all times treat all information that we receive in strict confidence.

First Stage

Repairs and Maintenance

If you have a specific complaint that we failed to carry out repairs in a reasonable time’ then you need to:

  • provide details of the specific repair,
  • specify the date when it was originally reported and
  • outline the reason why you feel that the unacceptable delay in carrying out the repair has been unreasonable.

If we agree with your complaint that there has been an unreasonable delay we will ensure that the work is programmed to receive attention by a pre-arranged appointment. You will receive written notification of the day and time (morning or afternoon) when the work will be carried out. However, if we do not accept the nature of the complaint or do not accept that there has been an unreasonable delay, we will provide you with written details explaining why we are unable to agree with your complaint. If you remain dissatisfied then you need to follow the third stage outlined on the opposite page.

You should complete and return the attached complaint form to

Office Address:
Atlantic House,
Charnwood Park,
CF31 3BF

Stage one

Fill in a complaints form or write a letter (ensure you date it) and send it our Bridgend office at the address above. Always keep copies of all correspondence. You should receive a reply within ten days.

Stage two

If you are unhappy with the response, write a second letter titled ‘stage two complaint’ stating the reasons why you are unhappy to the Senior Partner who will contact you within 5 working days to discuss your complaint and he will reply in writing within ten days.

Stage three

If you are unhappy with the outcome you can appeal to the Independent Ombudsman Service (IHOS).

A full investigation will initially be undertaken to assess the

The Commission for Local Administration in Wales,
Derwen House,
Court Road,
CF31 1BN